About the Artist

Patricia Haftar: Visual Artist

Patricia Haftar

I have been producing art as long as I can remember, when I was a toddler I’d sit by my grandma’s side will she made beautiful oil paintings. Her name was Beatrice Sophia Armstrong Coleman. She would talk to me about the colours and textures in trees, water, flowers etc. I would, as I got older, draw as she painted. She encouraged me to become an artist.

Through her influence, I became interested in doing landscape paintings.I have travelled extensively .across Canada I have continued in my adult life painting landscape scenes from Tofino BC to Holyrood NL. The other significant influence on my work came from my fellow artists. I strive to create the rhythm, harmony, sounds, texture ,movement and colour of my surroundings. constructing something that is pleasing and very intimate to me and hopefully to others. My style has evolved over the years & I have expanded into still life, florals, animal portraits and portraiture When others look at my work, be it realism or abstract, I want my audience to become enticed by the colours, movement, textures and the rhythm of the work. Having them reflect on a moment in their lives when they too got caught up in the flash of colour, a whisper of wind, the tactile differences in textures and the sound track from their own lives.

Three years ago, I shifted some of my focus from realism to the more abstract, getting a closer feel of the under lying base, going back to simpler times, cutting away all the trappings. I have done all my abstracts under the pseudonym SAC ( Sophia Armstrong Coleman) in respect for my grandmother.